Debain IDE Installer

I saw in the Xojo 2017r2 release notes

Does this mean we will get the .deb installer back for the Xojo IDE on debian based Linux distros? I thought I saw the .deb installer from I tried to download the new release today but only a .tgz file was available. Am I going crazy or was it pulled offline since it’s release?

I enjoy using Xojo but not having an easy install option for Linux is a real deal breaker when it comes to referrals.

Heh. We “fixed” the creation of the Debian packages, but there were other quality issues and it was pulled. I guess the release note wasn’t pulled.

Thanks, at least I have a little more confidence in my sanity now… will this issue be resolved in a coming release?

If possible. Most apps are not designed to let you have more than one version of a product installed at the same time as Xojo is and this causes install conflicts. So we’ll keep looking for a solution that makes sense.

Some of us like the .tgz system. I hope that you won’t abandon this when the installer is available.

Doubleclick the .tgz and select “Extract” and you’re done is pretty easy.
It causes no problem with multiple versions. I simply keep a link to each on the desktop and drag the project to the version needed for any job.