Dealing with the Recents window

I noticed that entries I delete in the Recents windows (Xojo 2019r1.1) are not really removed; they are back in the next open of that Recents window.

They also are still there after I left 2019r1.1 and open 2015r1.

Is it a local (to my MacOS computer) “feature” ?

It’s only a local “feature” of our Systems, Emile :wink:

and so on…

But this worked earlier (version # forgotten).

49363 is “No Results Found”


BTW: TARGET is macOS (El Capitan here)…

LBN: I used the Delete key to remove an entry.

Also: if the project is not “online”, and I select it, the entry is correctly removed (if I want that).

I see the same on Linux and macOS 10.13.6.


Sorry. It’s Private. I missed that. :slight_smile: