dbReport blank detail boxes

I made a report spreadsheet like where I print 15 lines per page in detail. each detail has a box around it. What i need to do now is:

  1. print the full 15 lines even if my rowset has less than or not exactly increments of 15.
  2. print page 1 of ??
    Anyone have any ideas how i should go about?
    For example, i have a rowset of 94 records, how can I make it to print 105 (the last page will have empty boxes like excel to fill up the complete detail area. And print page 1 of 7, page 2 of 7, etc.



the easy way to do is: [ total records (rowCount or recordCount) ] / 15 (records per page) and pass to report as parameter like:

rpt.Parameter(“totalPages”)= rs.RowCount/ 15

Thank you,
I will try that.

with some tests, this is more precise:

rpt.Parameter(“totalPages”)= Ceiling(rs.RowCount/ 15)

Thank you. Got it. On another note, I am trying to change the textsize of an element if the length is greater than 9. I tried this but it generates error:
if LEN(model) >9 then
textsize = “8”
textsize = “10”
end if

RBScript compile error [Undefined identifier. (11)] on line 145 (line 145 is textsize = “8”)

textsize = 8 ?

i don’t have implemented textSize, sorry

ah ok. thanks