DB file not opening on other Mac

I am trying out my app on another Mac and it runs fine, except that when I try to open a sqlite file, nothing happens. There is no crash of the app, but the db file is’t opened. Any idea why this is?

I think it could be a matter of the compiled app not being correctly compiled for the 2nd Mac, so maybe I need to adjust developer settings in Xojo? How would I do this? What should be the settings?

I am developing this app on a Mac Studio running, Ventura 13.4.1 and try to run the compiled app on an iMac running the same OS version.

Most likely the paths are different. You could be sandboxed on the other machine.

How do you do that ?

File → Open… ? Code, please.

If you add routines such as Try…Catch statements to catch errors, you should be able to quickly figure out why it’s not working.

Or a break and follow in the debugger…

Or more likely quarantined.

@André_van_Haren - macOS is finicky about signing to say the least. If you’re using the simple ad-hoc signing that the IDE provides, that’s only good for the system that you’re developing on.