DateTimePicker graphical clock

Has anyone managed to get the DateTimePicker’s graphical clock to display on Windows? I’ve tried on 2020r2 and 2020r2.1 with newly created test apps as well as with existing test apps. I’ve tried with date and time and with time by itself. I’ve tried changing the width of the control. Nothing I do seems to work.

The graphical calendar displays perfectly. The textual clock is fine. The graphical clock - nothing.

It is just me or do I need to file a feedback report?

I have not been able to make DateTimePicker display graphical clock, only text mode

Tried with 2020R2 and 2020R2.1 Windows 10

Windows does not have such a control.

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Well that explains that then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi @Dale_Arends

When you enable Graphical on Windows, you should be able to select the date from the Calendar Widget in the dropdown menu associated with the Date; as it is how the native control looks under that target. There is not Graphical Clock as native control on Windows.


If you really want a graphical clock there is a canvas example under graphics and multimedia.

Additionally you could use our control.


Xojo is supposed to be a cross-platform tool. If Mike can do a graphical clock across platforms, then why not Xojo? All it needs is a canvas and a bit of effort, or ask Mike for permission to use his open-source solution.

THAT is why Xojo has a reputation for being half-baked.


xojo use native controls to fit best to the os and not try to replicate it.
it can also be a issue for ms or apple if you replicate her design and use it elsewhere.


A cross-platform tool should use system provided tools where possible, but if it does not exist then provide it for the other platforms.

Windows does not provide a graphical clock? So what? Windows had graphical clocks since at least Win95. If there is no API for it then what prevents Xojo from making a clock themselves? After all, Mike did it. Bjorn did it too.

Or is every Xojo user supposed to have different user interfaces for each platform because Xojo can’t put the effort in? Or buy third-party tools to cover the other platforms? Is THAT what you want from a cross-platform tool?

Or (to make a pointed extreme argument): imagine Xojo would have PDF for Mac only, RTF for Windows only, databases for Linux only, Listboxes Mac only, Tabpanels Windows only etc - would you use Xojo? Of course not.

Because for ME Xojo’s emphasis is on CROSS-PLATFORM. If I want NATIVE CONTROLS ONLY then I go with Apple’s own tools for Mac, and Microsoft’s for Windows. And btw you should then not use the ListBox, or the Toolbar, or … because they are not native controls in Xojo but Xojo’s own solution.

And Apple or MS might object to the design of the clock? What prevents Xojo from using Apple’s design on Macs, and MS design on Windows? Or come up with their own design for a clock-face?

As a Scientist I love discussions - but give me a real argument to deal with, not something that has already been disproven (as it was implemented better and cross-platform by some others) and therefore sounds like an excuse for Xojo not putting the same effort in.


From my point of view i not need this native os controls. I like good custom ui controls.
You can not deprecate current ui, only provide extra ui elements with extra effort.

Agreed. But now I do not understand your previous post at all.

I can thoroughly recommend Mike Cotrone’s solution.
It has the decided advantage that one can play around with the code, unlike the situation where one is using a native API.


That is wrong if the offer is "native controls

If the native controls are not the same, YES

Windows users DONT EXPECT graphical clocks in their apps

I’d guess it’s because Xojo aims to provide native controls whereas Mike’s solution, albeit certainly great, is a project made in Xojo. :thinking:

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But that’s not the case here so please be a bit more sensical and stay on topic.

Really? Maybe you should tell Microsoft off then … :man_facepalming::roll_eyes:


Ever heard the term “feature parity”? Or “consistent user interface”? They are considered important when it comes to cross-platform apps …

Yes I remember this digital clock for setting time and date

:rofl: The design of a window, is not the same as a single control. You are using a window as a whole, not a Time picker, stay on topic.

By your (faulty) logic is like saying that ALL check boxes must have a picture changing with the value because windows decided to use one to ilustrate the option in this window:


Anyway, since windows syncs time, most users have never used that setting anyway. And for the las 5 years, windows 10 has not used that window anymore.