DateTime Format 2019.R3

The release notes for 2019.r3 state the following changes has been made to DateTime:

57937 Framework » All DateTime: added new ToString function that accepts a format string according to these guidelines:

There is no example for this change in the language reference, and autocomplete doesn’t show a way to implement a custom format string via this change.

Xojo: can you post a simple example here???

Dim d As DateTime = DateTime.Now

Dim s As String = d.ToString( "GyMdkHmsSEDFwWahKzJeugAZvcLQqVUOXxr" )


this pattern is listed on the site you noted as part of 8.1 Localized Pattern Characters (deprecated)

Thank you Norman.

there are a LOT of options in unicode for how to format date time values

Nice thanks for sharing.