Date.shortdate not working in some European countries

Has there been any progress on a fix for this:
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I haven’t updated since 2018 release 3 and date.shortdate returns blank in PCs where Regional Date/Time format is set to English(Denmark).

Seems that Xojo chose abandon it broken.

Thanks, that fixed it.

Public Function ShortDateWorking(Extends d as Date) as String
  Using xojo.core
   Return DateToStringBase(d, Date.FormatStyles.short, Date.FormatStyles.None)
End Function

Private Function DateToStringBase(d as Date, dateFormat as Xojo.Core.Date.FormatStyles, timeFormat as Xojo.Core.Date.FormatStyles) as String
  Using xojo.core
    Dim noTimeZone As New timezone(0)
    Dim d2 As New Date(d.TotalSeconds - 2082844800, noTimeZone)
    Return d2.ToText(Locale.Current, dateFormat, timeFormat)
End Function