Date Picker


I need a Date picker (Only Calendar view , no need time ) to my program. I have tried the GitHub… In GitHub the Date picker was in new window. But I want in same window.
Kindly help me out from this.

What is it with date pickers?
Every 2 weeks someone posts ‘here is a new date picker control I wrote’
and someone else is posting ‘I cant find a date picker’.

If you have acceptable code that does one in a new window, try moving the code to a containercontrol.

As many have noticed, DateTime Picker is a control very commonly used and very commonly found in any RAD package. And it is a native control provided by the OS and it should have been right there inside Xojo.

Not able to be found it in a RAD package gives a very early negative experience. Personally, this is what I experienced with Xojo because I use this control extensively, to allow users to specify the start date and end date to analyze data. This is one of the reason why I took long to move to Xojo. Those available and written by kind and helpful users are not suitable out-of-the-box and I have to spend time to rework them but only AFTER I have learned Xojo enough to be competent to do it.

You can also take a look at Einhugur at

I did not check their website in the past year, but I know they have a date picker which works. But before you buy, trial it first to see if it meet your expectations.

Maybe you can write your own date picker? In this way you have complete control over what you want and how to behave. Myself, I started to appreciate the “container” control very much, long ago.

I have to agree completely with Cho Sing Kum, the lack of a date picker control is unforgivable. Also other standard controls like the combobox are very much lacking.

You should file a feature request to have Xojo conscious of that.

There is one already filed back in 23 Sep 2010. I do not know how to post a link to it but here is the info:

[quote]13801 - Add an Cross Platform Date Picker Control
Status: Reviewed Rank: 809th Product: Xojo Category: Framework » All [/quote]


take a look at … it can be a time picker, a data picker or combo (both). It shows it in a separate window. I have embedded the picker in one of my windows (not a popup window).

Pretty easy to use the one in Windows Functionality Suite, is there not an equivalent suite for Mac?

Nope. Mac OS X does not have a built-in Date/Time picker.

I am not that sure. I just checked out Xcode again and there is a DatePicker. Whether it can be used for time, I am not sure.

Also some ref:

MacOSLib has NSDatePicker in it. Haven’t used it but I would imagine it not too hard to make a cross platform (Mac/Win at least) that combines MacOSLib and WFS.

Have you tried Mike’s CalendarTimeChooser?
Here is the link:

This definitely works on OS X.