DataView updated to

I wanted to let anyone interested know that I’ve posted a new version of DataView

Visit For more info or to try the demo.

Release Notes
[All] Fixed issues with datePicker not opening properly and other related issues
[Demo] Fixed options pane column selections
[All] Fixed an issue where an exception occurred if close was called during DoubleClick or CellClick
[All] Fixed “Check All” checkboxes to align with column checkboxes
[All] Added “AutomaticCheckboxes” property to propagate checked/indeterminate status in a heirarchical list and to check all boxes.
[All] Added “TextWrapModeCharacter”
[All] Column.CheckAllChecked as Boolean replaced with Column.CheckAllChecked as Integer to allow for indeterminite checkboxes
[All] Setting columnWidths property with a width less than a column’s minimum width now decreases the minimum width.
[Mac] DatePicker now allows nil date and returns nil when no selection is made.
[Demo] ScrollingCanvas demo “snapshot” window now has a button to capture the front window’s contents rather than a timer to avoid related crashes.
[Bug] Fixed an issue preventing double click from beginning a cell edit operation.

Friend I am very happy with your product, the support you provide me is excellent! Thank you.