DataView 1.7

I wanted to post a notice that I’ve updated DataView to version 1.6.1

This release includes the following:

[Change] Added CellContainer for individual cells
[Change] Added ColumnSpan for individual cells.
[Mac] Fixed VibrantHeader to not require usesSystemColors
[Mac] Fixed text rendering after drawing a container
[Win] Improved Windows container handling (No longer considered beta)
[All] Group headings now render independent of zoom/h-scrolling
[All] Moved DataViewInternals to Internals.DataViewInternals And DataSource too
[All] Fixed Memory Issue where handler was not removed at close
[All] Inspector color values now respected again
[Demo] Added DataViewContainer

CellContainers and ColumnSpan allow you to do some cool stuff


Just uploaded v1.7 of DataView and piDogScrollingCanvas. Tons of new stuff in there!
(I’ve also added native dateChoosers for each platform.)

[Demo] Added helptags to demo window for many of the available settings
[Change] Added usesAlternatingBackgroundColors
[Change] Added RowSpan capability
[Change] Added addgroup method
[Change] Added cellAlignment

[All] Added DragOut event with XML representation of dragged rows allowing dropping in another DataView.
[All] Fixed EditPasteHandler event
[All] Setting ListIndex now moves current keyboard navigation point
[All] Improved TimerPDS to prevent possible unreleased instances.
[All] Now updates ScrollBar positions when setting scrollposition programatically.
[ALL] Major improvements to CellContainer behavior and rendering!
[All] UsesSystemColors now use the system’s themed header frames
[All] Much more work on system theme color compliance
[All] Added SnapBackDuration
[All] TimerPDS now resets to zero after firing when mode=1

[Mac] Fixed drag-to-scroll using NSScrollers
[Mac] Improved shadows/translucency for dragged rows/columns
[Mac] Added native headings

[Linux] ProgressBars PopupMenus and Checkbox cells now render with correct theming
[Linux] CellContainers now fully supported
[Linux][Win] Scrollwheel events now handled natively
[Linux][Win] Headers now support MouseOver state coloring.[Mac] Improved performance of NSScrollers

[Win] Reduced flicker when resizing
[Win] Fixed possible crash under win32 when embedding containers
[Win] Improved responsiveness significantly

Take a look/download here

Hello Jim, i tried to compile a 64 bit project with dataview (Xojo 2017 Release 2 beta 4), the app object is created but when i run it the datagrid does not work at all, it is as if it is disabled (it does not respond to the commands) Does not display the colors I chose (background, etc.). Maybe this version is not yet 64-bit compatible?



Is it possible you can replicate this to be used in a web application?