DatagramMBS Port 0 Problem

Hoping @Christian Schmitz might be able to help with this one…

I made a little project using the UDPSocketMBS class a year ago and everything worked fine. However, I’ve since come back to expand it and I’ve encountered a weird new bug. Datagrams being sent over the socket to clients are definitely being received as they are sending response packets back, however, every single datagram I read from the socket has it’s port property set to 0! This makes it impossible to match the responses with my original messages.

I’m confused as to what could have caused this but the only change I’ve made is to upgrade my Xojo version to 2018r4 from a much older one. Could this be an incompatibility problem between the MBS plugins and Xojo?

Using Xojo 2018r4 + MBS Plugins v18.4

Sounds strange. Your UDP socket listens on one port, so all packets received should have that port number.

Thank you for reporting this.
I can email you a plugin fixing the problem.

Thanks Christian
Do you have my e-mail on your records? Don’t want to post it here really

Email sent. Please try and let me know whether it works now.

Thanks for your efforts Christian, the new patched plugin seems to be working fine

Only problem now is that the Plugin Registration won’t work as the patched plugin is from a version after my license expired :frowning:
Darn, guess I’m going to have to renew the license when it comes round to building the final version.

You are welcome to upgrade and get everything to version 19.0.