DatabaseRecord.Insert with ODBCDatabase appears broken in 2014r2

I’m putting together a feedback report right now, but for me, on OS X 10.9.4, Xojo 2014r2, when using DatabaseRecord.Insert on an ODBCDatabase, the field data is being set wrong. The fields in the inserted record are being set to the name of the field, not the actual data (depending on the database… FileMaker has a successful insert of the wrong data, SQLite using the Actual Technologies driver, fails to insert, with an error message that looks like it is trying to insert the wrong data, but it is hard to tell for sure…)

2014r1.1 does not have the problem.


Did you try with our MBS SQL Plugin instead?

Last time I tried ODBC to FileMaker I had no issues with built in plugin.

I haven’t tried the MBS SQL Plugin yet, but using the Xojo ODBC Plugin from 2014r1.1 with the 2014r2 IDE seems to fix it.