DatabaseColumn.BooleanValue does not return true for 1

I have been converting a web app to API2.0 and found when I use a rowset and databaserow instead of a recordset, I get False instead of True when the column value is 1.

dim rs As rowset = Session.db.SelectSQL(“SELECT * FROM Test”)
if rs<>nil Then
for each row as DatabaseRow in rs
var a As string = row.Column(“Item”).StringValue
var b As Boolean = row.Column(“Item”).BooleanValue
CheckBox1.Value = row.Column(“Item”).booleanValue
end if
If the ‘Item’ field = 1, a will be 1 and b will be false. If I change the code to use the rowset instead of the databaseRow, b will return True.

I’m thinking I must be doing something wrong since databaseRow has been out for a long time.

Are you using Xojo 2020r1.2 and SQLite?

If you do:

var c As Integer = row.Column("item").IntegerValue

c = 1?

It’s a known & fixed bug <>