Database Query and Database


Sorry for sending twice thread (one in French). But i try to have another help into the common forum.

I would like to understand how to use Database Query with Mysql Database in the Webapp.
I created a link with my remote databases, and i can see them into the list.

Next i tried to use the Controller Database Query like this:

I guess that this controller is here for launching any SQL requests to my databases and i could use the result.

However, i’m not able to linking Database Query with my database.
Indeed, in Database Query, i can put only an ID number, and not an ID name.

During the compiling, i’ve this error:
My_webpage.DatabaseQuery1.Name Layout (property name) - Type mismatch error. Espected Database but got int32 Name

If you can help me on this point.

Best regards


Ah. You can’t put a non web control on a web page or dialog like you do on a desktop app. That’s what the error is about.

Hi Greg.
Thanks for you reply and your help.

If i can’t use it on a web page (my project is only a webapp, not a desktop app), where and how can use it?
Otherwise, i wonder why this function is provided here if we can’t use it.

I tried to find some informations about that, but no clue.


In a web app a control (anything that is dragged onto a window is or becomes a control) runs on the client side, which is of course not possible for a database query. Instantiate it in code in the web page.

hmmm ok … i see.
Indeed, it’s logic.

Thanks at all.

Have a nice day

Unfortunately this is not correct. Just because you add the item to a web page instance does NOT mean that the code runs on the client. They can be Xojo code or a combination of Xojo and JavaScript code.

The issue this user is having is due to a bug in the IDE. It should not allow you to drag items out that you cannot use.