Database Program Problem

A database program I’d developed using RB-2007 stopped working in respect to file deleting when I updated to 2010. Specifically, the line rs.DeleteRecord no longer functions. If I compile the code from the 2007 one to a 2010 one everything works fine but that. Does anyone know what command will work to delete a file from a “REALSQLdatabase”?

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Using an almost 15 year old version of a development tool ?
Have you investigated the changes of the tool that would require changes to make for functionality of a newer version?

I see you are moving from 2007 to 2010, still that is a few years and 2010 is basically ancient considering we are in 2021

What have you researched?

rs.deleterecord still exists in xojo 2019r11
so may be it’s the code before that has some problem ?