Database browser for cubesql

Is there any database browser for cubesql other than sqlite manager(from sqlabs)

DB Browser for SQLite

That tool is only for sqlite. I need it for cubesql.

cubesql IS SQLite

I use DB Browser all the time to work on my sqlite DB’s in cubesql

[quote=448394:@brian franco]cubesql IS SQLite

I use DB Browser all the time to work on my sqlite DB’s in cubesql[/quote]

What they want is something that can talk to cubeSQL in client/server mode.

Ah ok

Then forget I mention DB Browser :wink:

Doesnt sqlabs SQLIiteManager connect ? its from the same company


thats what I get for not scrolling back to the beginning :slight_smile:

Welcome to my world Norm :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, there’s the cubeSQLAdmin app that comes with it, but it is very rudimentary. Other than that, I’ve yet to find anything.

I’m surprised that if you buy server they would not include a copy of SQLiteManager
But its not my business sooo …

Why is it necessary to find an alternative? Is there something SQLiteManager fails to do well with CubeSQLServer files?

I was checking for a db browser which can connect multiple db’s. For eg. I use navicat and it is very good but cannot to cubesql.

I’d be surprised if this exists
CubeSQL just isnt a “big name” in DB’s like mySQL, Oracle, MS, PostgreSQL and quite a number of others so I doubt the navicat folks have written a client for it

Same here. I use DBeaver because it can connect to almost anything, but alas not cubeSQL. There was a slimmer of hope because sqlabs lists an unsupported Java library for cubeSQL, and DBeaver uses Java drivers, but I never could get it to work.

Is there no one who can see an opportunity here?
I know others have built sqlite browsers…

i am sure you can open multiple cubesql database on the same cubesql server

You misunderstood my question. I am aware that cubesql can open multiple sqlite db’s. What i need is a db browser which can connect to different database like oracle, mysql, cubesql etc.

i see what you mean now… sorry