database binding

Hi all, is there an example that explains how to work with the DataSource and DataField.
I’m basically looking for easier ways to communicate between a XOJO app and an SQLite DB (on Windows as well)


I would not recommend to use them. They are legacy thing.

Look for XTETIC from Matt. He had it now.

Check out ARGen, it creates classes to deal with database interactions using the ActiveRecord components.

The free version generates up to two tables at a time. If you like it and find it useful, purchase a license to do your whole database at once. ActiveRecord is so much easier to use than manual SQL. So much so that “there’s an app for that” ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank Tim,
I believed I had ARGen 2years ago and I found out hassle when ever I change my table structure. I need to reimport again to create new class.
Is there a new from ARgen?