Database App Tutorial?

Some time ago (I’m thinking a couple of years) I recall some talk of an official RB tutorial dealing with creating database applications. Anyone recall if that ever came about? I’m getting ready to start a fairly large project and would like to run through a database tutorial to refresh my memory. I’ve got another app that I could rip apart and inspect, but a tutorial would likely save a bunch of time.


Which database do you plan to use (SQLite, MySQL, other)? Are you needing assistance in designing the actual database structure or how to interact with it using Xojo?


The Eddies Electronics example that is included with Xojo demonstrates how you might do a database app (both web and desktop versions are included). There are other database examples as well.

Also check out the Database chapter in User Guide Book 3: Framework.

There are also some videos (done with Real Studio, but the code is the same), that can get you started:

Does XOJO Pro version include all SQL plug-in or not?

Pro includes Database, which includes all the plug-ins.

So it mean i don’t need buy any SQL plug-in from MBS.
And does Pro have PDF & Chart lib included?

Any MBS plugins are a separate purchase. None of it is included with Xojo.

I am thinking to buy Xojo Pro, but I want to make sure what are the feature of Pro regarding PDF, Chart, Database, Grid, SOAP, XML, …
Do you have any idea how can i find the feature a bit more detail of Xojo Pro?

You can explore it for free to see if the features are what you want. Just download it and run it. You just can’t build an executable, but you can run your projects from the IDE. Xojo does not have PDF, Chart or Grid built in, but you can get third party solutions, some free, some paid.

You might also wantto have a look at "Tips for using databases with REALbasic " at

I wrote an example using SQLite in early July 2013.

Get an eye on it, to refresh your memory.

There was a page that listed the differences between licences, but I do not found it. You have some data here.

We have a number of videos for subscribers that are specific to database applications at We have a lengthy series that creates an app from start to finish that uses that SQLite initially and then we switch over to MySQL and even use ActiveRecord.