Data Search Filter Input help

Hello guys,

I have an issue and i needed some advices or ideas if possible.

I have some data that is stored in the database as “|” delimited in one row and i have to query the data according to some filters and then to split the data and import it in a listbox , until here all it`s ok .

The challenge is to be able to filter that data same like we do in sql like “LIKE test%” syntax and then filter the data and re-populate the listbox.

For the moment i`m saving the split data into the lisbox itself and as well in a dictionary but it seems that so far i have no chance in sorting the data.

Why ? well because i have a very long list and i need to reduce the list by sorting the data from a text field but unfortunately i cannot use sql so any ideas are more than welcomed.


create an in memory sqlite database
store the values in it instead of the listbox
then you can sql what you need in it
make a populatelistbox method that fills the listbox according to the recordset coming out of the sql search