Data crossing over between sessions?

It appears that I’ve got some data crossing between user’s sessions … or I’ve missed something here. I’ve seen times where a variable is set from false to true and have been told about issues of grabbing data from another user’s file.

I’ve got two webpages (apple/windows and ipad) with all the programming in a separate module. Is the separate module running on the server or client side? Do I need to put the module in session?

My program looks like this:
module c
module zlib
class fpdf
webpage cc
webpage ccipad

Module c contains the programming for the webpages.

any ideas?

Module properties are global. If you have session specific properties, but them in the Session class or a WebPage class. Instantiated WebPage objects are owned by a Session object.

so I have to have double the programming? With two people using the program, most of the properties are session specific. arrrrgh

No. Same amount of programming. It’s just a difference of a single global instance (modules) versus an instance per Session.

The session object works like a module in that you can use session.propertyname to access them from anywhere in your program. If you move user specific properties to the session you won’t have any issues with data sharing. On the flipside the shared properties in a module are handy for common settings and “broadcast” variables you want all users to know about.

Just a reminder… I’ll be going over the basic structure and methodology of Xojo web apps in the Web Framework 101 session at XDC in March.

if only I could afford such things …

ok … let’s see if this works now …