Data Access Object (DAO) Pattern ??

Hi there

More curious here.
I’ve used DAO pattern in Java or C# before but I don’t know how to start using Xojo.
Refer to TutorialsPoint’s DAO page
and Jenkov’s DAO page
I want to use DAO pattern to abstract the entity/model/data class from business layer.

I’ve seen Dictionary only. As far as I know I didn’t have something like Interface List in Xojo.

Can anyone suggest what should I do? Or I should ask “how you do it?”

Hi Worajedt,

i’m not familiar with DAO but do you know Active Record and ARGEN (Creator of DB Classes and Code for Reading Inserting and Update Data to a DB)

for Serialization Einhugur has a Plugin too:

Don’t know what a interface list is… but Xojo supports interfaces… so a class can connect to a number of interfaces and not only inherits from the main class… there are good videos what you can do in OOP with Xojo in the Video Tutorials for OOP from XOJO

Greetings Björn