Dash Docs on Windows

Like many here I love and rely heavily on Dash for docs & help on my Mac. I was hoping they had something similar for Windows when I touch that. I found this, and seems to work well on my beast.


Just thought I would share.

Thanks for the find! I just shared with my Windows buddies here at work!

I know the author of dash was looking for someone to write a windows & linux versions of dash(like) apps. He didnt (says he couldnt but I think he could have) want to write them. Looks like Zeal uses all the dash docsets.

I am glad that this is out.

Great. I’ll update my docs on website :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,

Just to let you know I’m one of the developers that responded to Bogdan’s post to develop a Windows version. Zeal is not currently in active development (https://github.com/jkozera/zeal#contributions--project-status) which is why he was looking for alternatives. I’ve developed Velocity which is a commercial product (free to try with some nagging). It would be great if you gave it a try and your feedback would be very welcome.