Dark Mode not happening

In 2018.r3 If I start a new project with supports Hi-DPI off and Dark Mode ON, I get dark windows and dark controls.

If I open a project created in an older version of Xojo, and set the shared settings the same way, all the controls are the way they were… dark mode doesnt happen.
Any idea what I need to do?

Try saving the old project in 18r3 to a new folder and then reload it.

Always returns false from isdarkmode.

May it be that you use AppWrapper to sign the binaries and that App Wrapper is set to force light mode?

Thats good thinking Sasha, its almost certainly set that way for wrapping.
Didnt think it would affect a debug session, but I’ll check it out.

You ARE running Mojave I assume.
Darkmode works here, but the Xojo IDE screws up if you change the mode while Xojo is running, some IDE elements change correctly while others change part way (background stays one way, text changes, meaning you can’t see the text)

You ARE running Mojave I assume.<<

Oh yes.

Darkmode works here<<
Same here on a new project.
Any project created in older Xojo, wont respect it.

Jeff, I’ve just given your instructions a try, I will restate what I did for clarity:

Created empty desktop project with 2016r4.1
Save as binary
Open with 2018r3
Turn HiDPI Off
Turn Dark Mode On
Run Debug

I was not able to reproduce an issue as you described. Can you share an empty project that exhibits the issue?

I can try.

testing in the last few minutes:

Opened a small window created using 2017
It has a canvas and some buttons and some other code I would need to remove to get down to a sample.
The canvas is white
Buttons on the window are dark mode.
Buttons on the canvas are light mode.
A slider added to the window displays in light mode.

After some changing of parents, (drag on/off the canvas for example) things started to draw in dark mode.

Cant recreate this with a trivial example at this point. :frowning:
But it affects all my pre-Xojo 2018 projects.

Do they have build scripts that do things to Info.plist?

Some have an App Wrapper script, some nothing

Got one to work by removing KillerToolbar and the AppWrapper script
Guess I just keep hacking and trying.