Dark and Light Code Themes for the IDE

Here are my favorite code styles for the Xojo IDE

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Thanks for sharing! I’m using your “dark with less color” theme. :smiley:

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my “Xojo Theme.xojo_theme”
it used the font Source Code Pro Semibold

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<pref name="Code Editor Keywords Color" color="80FFFF00" />
<pref name="Code Editor Strings Color" color="FFFFFF00" />
<pref name="Code Editor Numbers Color" color="80FF8000" />
<pref name="Code Editor Floating Point Numbers Color" color="80FF8000" />
<pref name="Code Editor Source Code Color" color="C0C0C000" />
<pref name="Code Editor Comments Color" color="FFFF8000" />
<pref name="Code Editor Autocomplete Color" color="FFFFFF00" />
<pref name="Code Editor Background" color="00408000" />
<pref name="Code Editor Cursor Color" color="FFFFFF00" />
<pref name="Matched Indent Brace Color" color="FF80FF00" />
<pref name="Unmatched Indent Brace Color" color="Default" />
<pref name="Debugger Highlight Color" color="80000000" />
<pref name="Code Editor URL Color" color="FFFF8000" />
<pref name="Code Editor Source Matching Color" color="Default" />
<pref name="Code Font" font="Source Code Pro Semibold" />
<pref name="Code Font Size" size="0" />
<pref name="Code Editor Text Highlight Color" color="Default" />
<pref name="Code Editor Inactive Text Highlight Color" color="Default" />