Daemonize in Web2.0

In Xojo Web1.0 I used to daemonize my webapps in Linux, but in Web2.0 when daemonized it fails to load my images, I m just avoiding the daemonize, but is there a way to do it in Web2.0?

and there is any useful error message?
maybe a permissions thing or wrong path?

No error just images do not show. I m talking about images inserted in the project those that go to the “MyApp Resources” folder.

Yes, run the web app as a service instead.

You could look into how to use systemd or you could check out my app Lifeboat which takes all the headaches out of deploying Xojo Web apps. (Remove calls to Daemonize before building for Lifeboat)

I get the idea, I will try that.

I have also experienced issues with the “demonize” command.
I was compiling a web 1.0 app with Xojo 2017r3 and when I moved to 2019r 1.1 (still web 1.0) it just stopped working.
Turned out to be the demonize line. As soon as I removed it, the app run fine. I didn’t have the time nor energy to try understand the problem, so I simply removed the line. Of course I had to convert the web app to a service. You’ll probably have to do this as well.

The daemonize command really was only valid for CGI apps. For standalone you should create a service. We specifically return True in the DontDaemonize event for standalone in web 1 and 2.

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I didn’t even know that web apps had such event.
Which confuses me because as I read, that is for service apps, which are only for windows?
Anyway, just to clarify my problem showed up in a Linux web app.