CustomNSSearchFieldMBS on Yosemite, missing search icon

I’m using a CustomNSSearchFieldMBS in a CustomNSToolbarMBS with a drop down menu from its search icon. This icon is not showing on Yosemite, only on Mavericks. What am I missing?

@ Christian Schmitz: Is this something you could fix?

CustomNSSearchFieldMBS on Mavericks:

CustomNSSearchFieldMBS on Yosemite:

Note: In the background one can see the searchfield of finder, where the search icon displays correctly.

To reproduce run the project “CustomSearchField with menu.xojo_binary_project” from the Examples coming with the MBS plugins.

maybe wait for Yosemite release?

As you can see on the finder screenshot above they do not face this icon-missing issue,so I doubt that waiting will help.

But I guess your answer to my question is simply : No.

MacOSLib contains calls to NSSearchfield I found with the IDE search. The documentation is extremely poor and nowhere as clear as MBS, but it could be some sort of start to see if it still works in Yosemite…

Finder is 64bit app and xojo app is 32bit. Sometimes that causes bugs as Apple doesn’t test 32 bit code much.

Ok, that is making sense.

Somehow it looks like it is getting more and more tense for Xojo with its 32bit apps …

They fixed the address book in one of the preview updates, so I’d rather wait for them to fix something than working around myself.

Possible workaround (don’t scream!) : place a transparent picture with the pictograph into a canvas over the left side of the field …

I used to create a custom homemade toolbar with canvas based custom controls.

I turned to MBS plugins to easily get hands on native cocoa controls with the advantage of an always current native look.

But maybe Apple starts to neglect 32bit and then we would be “angeschissen” (I’m not going to translate this)

I have no doubt that if it is possible, Christian will make it work.

Hopefully we will not be too much in crap.

32-Bit is really being left behind with Yosemite, sadly this means we are also. I’m not in the office so I can’t test the latest DP, but am hoping it solves the 32-Bit issues I’m facing.

Otherwise my apps are going to have missing functionality on Yosemite (there is no NSSharingServices for 32-Bit applications).

Xojo are aware of the issues and are working on 64-Bit… But I don’t see it coming before Yosemite.

Have you installed the latest Yosemite beta?
I guess we can relax on the initial point of this thread …

Oufff …, good to see this! And no, I did not try the latest beta yet, I think it came out today isn’ t it? I’m traveling to Koblenz right now, to the MBS Xojo conf.

Yes, came out last night or so. It must have been extended: I don‘t have a paid Apple dev account yet but instead of the public beta 3 Developer preview 7.1 was installed.

Have fun in Koblenz! Wish I‘d have the time, but sadly it is during the only extremely urgent (and time-consuming) project I have each year …