Customize Xojo Toolbar?

When debugging a program it is always useful to have the Stop toolbar button next to the Run button. In previous versions this was always the case, but in Xojo it is not there and I cannot modify the toolbar by right-clicking or through any menu I could find. The stop button was also a useful indicator to show if the program was already currently being debugged, as it would be disabled when there was nothing being debugged.

There is still a stop button. It appears when you are running a debug. Look at the set of buttons to the right of the search field when your debug is running and you will see the stop button.

we need the stop button to be big and red.

The problem is the stop button is only there IF you’re within the debugging interface. Very often I will debug, edit code for a while, and want to stop (or see if I’m still debugging via the enabled/disabled stop button). There’s plenty of room for the old stop button and I don’t see the reason to have to navigate to the debug interface (which doesn’t have a shortcut from what I can see) and press stop or use the menu/keyboard shortcut.