Customer Support (Favorites)

So I have a new favorite customer support case. I have a Xojo web app that I run on the user’s local machine as part my extension’s user interface.

I have a customer that purchased my app but needed some help getting started. I logged into his machine with TeamViewer to help him out. The first question was how do you remove a door. So I show him while explaining at the same time.

Me: First click on the door, after it is selected (blue high light) press delete.

Customer: Where do I find that?

Me: It’s not in a menu, It’s on your keyboard.

Customer: You mean backspace?

Me: No it’s delete. It should be somewhere above your arrow keys.

Customer: Oh there it is! Wow! I never used that before!

Same customer a week later.

Customer: All the textboxes in the Spec Editor (Xojo Web app) are blank.

Me: Try clicking on the window to activate it. Then press F5 to refresh it.

Custmer: OK

Me: Did that fix it? Do you see any values in the fields now?

Customer: No it just says F5 in the text box.

Me: (Rolls eyes) That’s because you typed F5 into the text box. There is an F5 button on your keyboard. It’s at the top towards the middle.

Customer: Oh sure enough! I never saw that before!

I did mention to the customer that he might benefit from a course on basic computer use.

He probably watches TV by candle light during a power failure