custom size for progressBar

the following code in the open event of a Xojo.slider works all right (macOSlib):
dim myself as NSSlider = new NSSlider( Ptr(me.Handle))
myself.ControlSize = NSSlider.NSControlSize.NSMiniControlSize

I would like to apply the same procedure to a progressBar, but I can’t find the corresponding to a Xojo.progressbar. I tried NSStepper and ProgressIndicator, but without success.

Suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you.

NSProgressIndicator should be right

Dont know if MacOSLib has those but that should be the right actual underlying Cocoa class

Thank you, Norman, for the quick reply.
My bad, as MacOSLib does not include NSProgressIndicator.

Can the 10.10+ Progress Bar get any smaller?

heh … not that I know of
10.9 and older could

Fine. At least now I know that it would not be possible anymore.
BTW: my intention was to have a progressbar as thin as the one showing up when Safari loads a page.

I just went to go look for you. I don’t believe it, it may be possible to make it thinner.

See the documentation for NSProgressIndicator:

Thank you, Tim, for digging it up. I really appreciate your trying to help me out.
So, according to the docs, there is a “PreferredSmallThickness” = 10.
But I have to admit it: I’m not proficient enough to translate Swift code into Xojo.

AFAIK it’s not standard; but it can be done with graphics.drawline, you too can have an incredibly small progress bar!

@Sam Rowlands: Yes, I too thought about it. I’ll see what the outcome looks like.