Custom Layouts

Is it possible to do something like this in Xojo

Usually in VS2010 I’d use a Table layout and paint the cells alternate colours, but I don’t see anything remotely close in Xojo

Sure can. In the listbox CellBackgroundPaint event put the following.

[code] select case row mod 2
case 0
g.ForeColor = RGB(60,60,60)
case 1
g.ForeColor = RGB(80,80,80)
end select


Looks like a simple listbox (well a bit more than simple due to the controls)…
But 100% doable, and has been done many many times…

Look at the available events… control the background color, the text color, make it a collapsable list (or not)

Now that being said… the methodology is not the same as VB… but then XOJO is not VB either

For Property Lists I suggest

Thanks everyone, I’m getting close to what I need, it doesn’t need to collapse so that’s one less thing!

thanks again