Custom cursors in Canvas failing in Ventura

I use many custom cursors in the canvas of my drawing app with no problems until recently when they are being replaced by the system cursor after a short time, as if the Canvas itself has a timer continually setting the system cursor.

I have identified this as a problem in Ventura (currently 13.3.1 - have not checked earlier versions) as it does not occur in Monterey or prior OSX versions.

It is not a Xojo problem — 2023r1 compiles are fine on Monterey but not Ventura.

Has any one else noticed the problem, and dies anyone know a fix to stop Ventura taking control of the mouse cursor in a Canvas?

thanks, b.

Moderators, please delete this topic — problem was my Mac Studio not Ventura — rebooting Mac solved the ‘issue.’

I see no reason to delete this, just in the off-chance somebody comes looking in the future, they’ll know to try a reboot.


Thank you Thom — always pleased to contribute to the moral lessons of the community!, b.

ps my deleted post said that it was when I tested under Windows 11 under Parallels and found the same problem that I realized it must be my machine not Ventura — the reboot was not just an evil temper.

I had this happen again today and the reboot cleared it. I also found it occurred with old compiled versions that I had previously issued, so it will happen to users also. I have never seen it pre-Ventura (although it also corresponds to my moving to a Mac Studio so it might be peculiar to running on Apple Silicon). I noticed that Mail had peculiar behaviors also, losing the body of mail filtered to another folder.