Custom cursor over listbox

Custom cursor disappeared when passing over a listbox with a header defined.
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A tried to post a video in the forum showing this case but I cannot found the way, is there a help somewhere?

Seems a bug to me, but why are-you drawing the cursor instead of using a cursor ?

Draw your cursor,
Save the image,
import the image as cursor.

Search in the LR is needed as I forgot how to really do that.

it was just a example, in many cases I use an image:

var c as new mousecursor(Typhoon, 34,15)
App.MouseCursor = c

Do you think it’s a bug? I should create a feedback? The problem exits also using a picture cursor.

I do not know, I only used your example, then checked the code.

Stupid question:
do you follow the rules while creating your custom cursor ?
(especially the size)

I checked there:

and I do not saw any size, so I suspect some are tempted to use the size they want.

A cursor 50 x 50 ?

Also, the ListBox may be able to change the MouseCursor when it is located in the Heading area (for changing a column width)…

Not the above:

App.MouseCursor = System.Cursors.HandOpen

behave the same in your project.

Looks like a bug. Someone can confirm that ?

It does not seem a size issue, if you use any other Apple Standard Cursor the problem subsist.

App.MouseCursor = System.Cursors.FingerPointer

When over a listbox with header defined it changes to the standard Arrow.

Your message appears after I sent mine. I was testing.

Yes, not a size problem (even if 50 x 50 is a hudge MouseCursor).

I resized to 20 x 20 (your project) = same behavior.

I modifyed your code to:

app.MouseCursor = Nil
Self.MouseCursor = Nil
Box1.MouseCursor = Nil

app.MouseCursor = c

No change, the custom cursor disappears…


My guess is that the cursor is changed to indicate that you can select something.

Try adding

box.MouseCursor = c

to your SetCursorBack2 method just after app.MouseCursor = c

The cursor changes if the Box has a header defined and not, if it has not, this does not seem logical.

The app was an example to show the malfunction. In the real app I just want that the mouse cursor not change when passing over a listbox. And worse, sometimes after passing over the listbox it does not recover to the custom cursor.