Custom cursor format ?

I want to create a custom cursor in Windows, as described in the LR at

What is the format of the “CURS resource” that are supposed to be added to the IDE editor ?

I tried to add a .cur file, but Xojo reports it is not a valid file, and then crashes wildly and quits :frowning:

A step by step way of proceeding will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Check out this post, and my/our cursor editor referred to within.

I appreciate the intention, but this is for Mac. I already know how to change cursors for Mac. My question was for Windows

No, it’s really not.
Mac is mentioned because it was a problem on the mac at the time.
But: The XML cursor editor designs cursors in XML format for both platforms. (Carbon on the mac)
The recently added mods allow the results to be saved in PNG format for Mac Cocoa , but the XML format is what you wanted.

here is a direct link to the older version:

and my original post:

I finally got it. I did not understand from the LR how this worked. Thank you Jeff.

So all I needed to know was that custom cursors for Windows should be in XML format, and then Me.MouseCursor= will designate the name of the XML file as added to the project. Paul Lefebvre may want to add the mention of “in XML format” to the resource required for Windows at Xojo explodes when fed a .cur file, and treats .res files as strings :frowning:

However, Cursor Editor is only for 16 x 16 cursors. Current Windows cursor size is 32 x 32 and supports color. So now how does one go about that ?

Is there a way to convert an image or a cur file to XML ?


I remembered a method that worked for Mac Cocoa and crawled the forum to find it back. Now what was my surprise to see that you had posted it yourself :

dim c as mousecursor c = new mousecursor(myImage, 2,2) self.mousecursor = c

I did that with a png I had dragged into the project, and it works like a charm with Windows ! And like Mac any size is fine :slight_smile:

So, thank you for your previous post that had the solution :wink:

Thank you Jeff Tullin! This cursor editor is a life-saver. :slight_smile: