Custom control inside listbox cell

I have a custom control (switch) that I would like to embed in a couple cells of a listbox and be able to receive the control’s events.

For example, I have a listbox with 10 rows and 2 columns. Column 0 contains a property name, column 2 contains the property values. Row 3 and row 7 require a yes/no, true/false, checked/unchecked, etc. value. Instead of using the standard checkbox in those cells, I’d like to embed my custom switch control and be able to respond to the control’s events.

Is this possible?


I’ve done similar work with using a Pop-Up Menu. There’s a custom control listbox class that was done by either Alex Restreppo or Aaron Ballman a while back that incorporates pop-up menus into the list. It’s not a native popup menu though but a menu item with an icon.

There’s also a custom cell listbox that Alex did that I’ve used and modified extensively.

I wanted the full pop-up menu so I did some further work embedding a popup menu into the list box.

I can send you Alex’s classes if you like as well as give you more detail on what I did embedding the pop-up menu into the listbox.


Here is the GitHub repository for Alex’s custom listbox.

something like that?

Axel, you rock.

Axel - Yes, something like that. I have been able to embed the control however, it does not move as the listbox is resized or the user scrolls the list.

You have to recalculate those positions yourself typically.

Based on this Idea, In theory Would it be possible to have a Listbox inside a cell of another Listbox?

Do you still have this available? the zip file that I downloaded seems to be corrupted and only unzips into a .cpgz file which then expands back into a .zip fie.

The file is an html file, not what you’re awaiting.

The html file goes to DropBox. I stopped here.

the archive is there :

I was looking for the project by Axel Schneider, not the one by Alex Restrepo.

Fixed the archived Dropbox download (the first batch didn’t go as smoothly as I’d hoped it would).
It works now :slight_smile: