Custom Code Snippits Anyone? [Feature Request]

Are there any feature requests for setting up code snippit shortcuts?

Something like NetBeans has.

For example I could type 'dors ’ and get:

   {cursor here}           
loop until rs.EOF

You can download Feedback and make official feature requests from here:
There is an existing feature request for Code Snippets: <>

In the interim there are several third party apps that can help with this.
However, you’re on Windows, so I don’t happen to know any of the Windows solutions.
Come join the light side and I’ll get you situated :wink:


Well I can’t very well move away from windows. My clients are all using windows. That being said I could code on my mac and then compile for windows.
One draw back to that is that I already have this problem that everything works just find on my computer but on windows 7…

Sorry I just started using NetBeans for Ruby development, and suddenly I’m seeing things Xojo doesn’t have. I’ve made it 2 years in Xojo without snippet shortcuts, so I’ll be fine.

NetBeans application (IDE) icon size is… 256 x 256 on macOS !!!
(instead of 1,024 x 1,024…)

Have you tried a remote debugging setup? It makes it way easier to test things for Windows.

[quote=313825:@Neil Burkholder]For example I could type 'dors ’ and get:

{cursor here}
loop until rs.EOF[/quote]
AutoHotkey can do that.

There was year ago a method to put text in a folder and using a MenuItem you can copy it into the cursor location (in the IDE).

with an IDE script, you can almost achieve this, except for the keyboard shortcut
example :

’ Wrap the selected text in a #If DebugBuild Then … #EndIf statement

’ Author: Jeremy Cowgar

If SelLength = 0 Then
Call ShowDialog(“No selection found”, _
“Block Comment Wrap requires that you first select the text you wish to wrap.”, “OK”)
End If

Dim code As String
Dim final As String

code = Trim(SelText)
If code <> SelText Then
final = EndOfLine
End If

SelText = “#If FALSE Then” + EndOfLine + _
Trim(SelText) + EndOfLine + _
#EndIf” + final[/code]

What is AutoHotkey? Any more details? :wink:

Ok. At first glance it looked like a programing language (I guess it is kind of). I wanted to make sure I had the right thing. This looks REALLY COOL!