Curved text

Anyone know how to display text-on-a-curve, such as around a badge or logo?

i would use textshape class it can rotate

Rotate I can do. :slight_smile:
However, that gets me a straight line of words at an angle.

you can rotate each char, means one char one TextShape object.
TextShape rotation use radian.

a curve is simple
x = sin(angle) * distance
y = cos(angle) * distance

angle will be from to, where your curve starts and ends.
you can also change the algebraic sign or exchange the sin/cos.
for me is angle 0 at 12 o’clock.

in graphics, in picture, in PDF?

In an image, which I could save or iterate over the pixels of.

If I can get ‘something’ in a picture object then I can take it from there.
using the textshape , if I try to break the text up into characters, and then try to work out where they live along a circumference, then apply individual rotations…
I know its possible, but the maths scares me.
I had hoped that ImageMagik might have a function for it, but I havent found one yet.

you can also use the .Graphics from an Picture and paint into.
this is an example that paint in a canvas.

[code]Sub Paint(g As Graphics, areas() As REALbasic.Rect) Handles Paint

Const DegreeToRadian As Double = 0.0174533 'Pi / 180.0

var tx as String = “Hello Curve”

Var angle As Double = -45.0

Var distance As Double = 128.0

Var mx As Double = g.Width / 2.0
Var my As Double = g.Height / 2.0
Var x,y As Double

For c As Integer = 0 To tx.Length-1
Var char As String = tx.Middle(c,1)
x = mx + Sin(angle * DegreeToRadian) * distance
y = my + -Cos(angle * DegreeToRadian) * distance
Var t As New TextShape
t.Bold = True
t.FontSize = 24
t.x = x
t.y = y
t.Rotation = angle * DegreeToRadian
t.Value = char
t.HorizontalAlignment = TextShape.Alignment.Center
t.VerticalAlignment = TextShape.Alignment.Center

g.DrawObject t

angle = angle + (90.0 / CType(tx.Length-1, Double)) 


End Sub

Thank you! I’ll have a play with that. :slight_smile: