curved text

hi, is there any chance to get displayd curved text in the webedition?
so the user can type in text and change the curve radius.


It seems the Object2D class that works perfectly in Desktop to rotate text is ineffective on a picture in Web.
Maybe you could look here for a CSS/JavaScript way :

New. When I tested Object2D in Web Edition, I forgot that Helvetica is not available, hence the example at
did not work.

I modified it to this using Arial that works :

pic = new picture(Canvas1.width, Canvas1.height,32) Dim s as New StringShape s.Text = "Hello World" s.TextFont = "Arial" s.Bold = True s.Rotation = 3.14159/2 // (radians, 90 degrees = pi/2) s.Y = 100 s.x = 100 Canvas1.Invalidate

So it is possible to create rotated text using that technique and it works perfectly if run in the IDE. BUT this requires that the font is installed on the server, which is seldom the case for regular hosts. You will need to have the host manager install the font for you.

See Install fonts on Linux server - Web - Xojo Programming Forum

So the CSS/JavaScript maybe easier.