Cursor of WebButton doesn't work

Hi all,

Any idea that setting the attribute in IDE or put me.Cursor = System.WebCursors.FingerPointer in the Open event doesn’t make the cursor change to a finger when mouse enter the control? However, it works only if I put me.Cursor = System.WebCursors.FingerPointer in the MouseEnter event.

Check the CSS and override it if it’s not correct.

In the Open event, it is too early. The control is not fully created in the DOM. Use Shown instead.

@Tim, I didn’t use CSS much in my project, mostly WebStyles. I tried remove the WebStyle, it still doesn’t work.
@Michel, I tried to put in the Shown event, it doesn’t work either. I put in the open event which works for some WebButtons in my project.

Come on Tony. I tested before I posted. Works like clockwork.

I was referring to the button’s shown event, BTW.

That’s the problem, sometimes work and sometimes doesn’t. I did try to put the codes in the shown event BEFORE I raise this thread. My another question is why doesn’t the attribute set in the IDE work.


The System.WebCursors.FingerPointer on WebButton Mouse Enter event works on IDE, but does not work on Compiled cgi.

Is it a bug?

(version 2017r3)

Yes, case filed

Has this ever been fixed?
on a web button when i set the pointer property to FingerPointer… it is ignored on the browser.