cursor jumpting in IDE [2018r4]

Has anyone else noticed this very annoying behaviour?

If I scroll thru my code using the mousewheel, and then click on a line to set the cursor…
the cursor jumps (it seems to the point where I started the scroll) and selects an entire block of code.

If I don’t happen to notice and hit a key… it wipes out a chunk of code. Ctrl-Z gets it back, but it is annoying that this is even happening

macOS Mojave, Xojo2018r4

Yes. I’ve seen it too. Not every day but close enough to every day.

well at least its not just me… I have it happen multiple times per day… but not 100% of the time… just often enough to miss it and trash huge chunks of code

Yes, it drives me nuts. I looked to see if there was a Feedback report, but don’t know what words would find it. Hopefully somebody has reported it and it will be fixed ASAP.

It’s even worse on Linux …

There are even more bugs with the cursor. When you autocomplete after a dot, the first letter has to be typed or you must click the mouse in order for autocomplete to work.
And the mouse is “sticky” sometimes in the code editor and navigator.
Lot’s of improvements are to be done here.