Current project is saved in old folder

Hi Norman, all,

I was searching something in my hard disk recently and specifically in the system files and I found…

The currently open projext is saved in a temporary folder in the Xojo folder in the system files (that folder is beside the [OF LINE] documentation.

In Xojo 2014r2.1, that is stored in… folder 2014r2…

Not a bug, not a nuisance, just something to set right before a new version is coming; I report this just in case it was not found previously. It can (or cannot) continue unnoticed in next version(s).

I suppose that if the user started with 2012r2.1, the older folder is created and all of this is transparent to the user.

Keep going the good work !

Isn’t that a feature?
If the IDE crashes it can sometimes recover your project if you forgot to save prior to the crash.
I guess that could be the file it recovers from?

Certainly. The implementation can be questionnable, but definitively a good feature.

The problem is it is saved in an old folder, not in the current release folder.

What happens if someone cleans its hard disk (and so clears the old, useless folders) ?