CURLSMBS PUT sending update JSON data

With CocoaRestClient (application suggest by a user here… and i’m loving it, very use full) i’m able to make my PUT request at work

Settings :
url : http://myserver/idxyz.json
Methode : PUT
BODY (raw) : {“some”:{“json”:“data”}}
Headers : Content-Type: application/json
auth : user:pass

hit the submit button, and it works

BUT with CURLSMB, i tried this :

d.OptionUsername = pUser
d.OptionPassword = pPass
d.OptionPut = true
d.SetOptionHTTPHeader array(“Content-Type:”, “application/json”)

the server look to see the header, auth etc… but not the inputdata… … what do i missed ?

thanks in advance !

what does debug log say?
Can I see sample project?

i sent by email a simple project (can’t put it here, login/pass are included :stuck_out_tongue: )