CurlMBS error code 67

On win10, Im trying to use the example "CurlS IMAP for google mail and I know for certain my creds are correct but Im just getting this error. IMAP is enabled as I do get it from other email clients. Im wondering if anyone else has had this be caused by something other than password or userid?

A001 OK Thats all she wrote! r11mb16846567iot
A002 AUTHENTICATE PLAIN AHNlYW5AbW90aW9uYWx5c2lzLmlvAFcxc2MwbnMxbg==
A002 NO [AUTHENTICATIONFAILED] Invalid credentials (Failure)

Please change your password.

Not sure why this is wrong. Or is there a typo?

Chnaged it thanks, but, no that should have worked. Thats what I cant figure out

Less secure apps setting by chance?

I think youre right Tim, this might be the culprit

sadly that did not work. I still cant get into my own email account

so what server is that? gmail?

Google doesn’T like plain auth and puts some things into getting that working.
You may need to enable insecure apps for that.

If you get logged in via oAuth and you get an OAuth 2.0 access token, you can put it in the OptionXOAuth2Bearer property instead of using username and password.

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yes, its gmail. I have the insecure apps thing enabled but it doesnt help so I will try the oAuth, thanks.

Your connection is using TLS 1.2 here, right?

And the option for google is named “Less secure apps” and help says you need to wait an hour for it to apply. see

I am using the example application for google email and I see the TLS v1.3 in the response form the server. I dont know how to tell that.
I will wait a while and try after im sure an hour has passed…thanks.

okay. The discussion between plugin and server is what level is possible. 1.3 is newer, but 1.2 is enough.

Its been over an hour and thisd still doesnt work for me with an error 67 and this in the last line of the response: TLSv1.3 (OUT), TLS alert, close notify (256):

Have no idea if this is related or not, but just ran into this problem with an install last week. My program, using a Win 10 Surface PRO 6 and CURLMBS programming to send email had been working fine, and then out of the blue, it just stopped working giving me the Error 67. After some hours of troubleshooting, I happened to notice that Win 10 had a “notification” for me. Upon checking out the “notification”, it said that “my MS account had a problem”. I followed the Microsoft instructions provided which resulted in a “Fix Me” button that I clicked. Voila … my program’s email started working just fine again. It may be a straw, but just for sh*ts and giggles, check out your MS account.

Thanks Don. I did have a similar google notification but I clicked through that and still can not get in there. sooooo frustrating…

It turned out to be a series of security settings in GoogleWorkspace. I wound up getting on a chat with them and they walked me throguh the avarious places it has to be allowed. Few peole could possibly figure that out from their docs but I give them credit for quickly walking me through it. Thanks all

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