Cull unused localized strings

Is there any way to determine which localized strings aren’t used anywhere in the app?
As development evolves sometimes these are deprecated, but hang out and get unnecessarily translated in future languages.

It would be great to find and delete them.

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I had this need for images. Legacy code from another dev full of legacy garbage content dumped around (unused images, unused windows and code, …). Didn’t found a good way, so I was cleaning it with the time.

The only way to find if they are unused quickly is by using the context menu “Find …” or if they have compiler warning options (i dont think constants have them).

Shame this is hard to do in xojo as @Rick_Araujo suggests. Like with methods there is no compiler warning that they are unused (like local variables and method parameters)

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Yep, a tool to track unused items after a project analysis would be great. Consts, Classes, methods, images, etc.