I can connect to my CubeSQL server via SQLDatabaseMBS on iOS, but I need to be able to do an UPLOAD and DOWNLOAD (I have this working for Desktop and Web) which seems to need the CubeSQLServer plugin (ie ServerKeysDB.SendChunk(Chunk)).

But when I compile for iOS:
Var ServerKeysDB As New CubeSQLServer

it gives a ‘No type for the name CubeSQLServer’ error.

Is the CubeSQLServer plugin supposed to be compatible with iOS or, even better, is there a way to perform the UPLOAD and DOWNLOAD commands with SQLDatabaseMBS?

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Unless something has changed recently, only SQLite is supported on iOS

Yes, but you can connect to external SQL Servers using SQLDatabaseMBS (CubeSQL, PostgreSQL, etc), but I need to perform the .SendChunk() command that seems to be only available with CubeSQL’s own plugin.

Right the MBS and many other plugins will work but not the Xojo provided plugins. You could reach out to @Christian_Schmitz to see if he can add support for SendChunk.

The CubeSQLServer plugin is direct from CubeSQL’s SQLabs (not Xojo). It seems it has no built-in iOS support. I was hoping someone knew of a workaround for iOS.

Oh sorry I’ve never used CubeSQL. You could reach out to them to see if they will build an ARM/iOS compatible version

The general strategy for iOS is to not do direct client/server connections to databases.

So a workaround would be to create a REST API, perhaps as a web app that connects to Cube SQL using its plugin. You can then implement your own REST message for upload that takes the incoming data and sends it to Cube SQL using the SendChuck() method.


This would be fine, except if the user wants to connect to their own CubeSQL database on their own server. I let their run via a local SQLite file by default, but want the ability to upload to their own server if desired.

You can still use a REST API to manage this.

We have a CubeSQLSendData(data as String) method to do that.

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I can now confirm that the MBS db.CubeSQLSendData() function works on iOS, allowing me to perform an UPLOAD and presumably a DOWNLOAD too.


Excellent :slight_smile:

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