CubeSQL, SQLiteManager and SQLiteDoctor available with a special price

During the past months we worked hard in order to renew the look and the functionalities of SQLabs and of all its products. We are extremely proud to announce a complete website renovation and products updates.

To celebrate the new updates we are offering a time limited, huge discount for all our products:

@Marco Bambini the discounted price in the blog doesnt match the price in the store. a $2.40 difference. Not that most people will care but the two difference in prices could get you in trouble.

Yes, please make the prices in sync and we can promote it a bit. Great tools!

You may need to set prices with fast spring to exactly an Euro and USD price. Otherwise you may see rounding.

Thanks @scott boss and @Christian Schmitz, there was a rounding error within FastSpring. I already updated the blog post.

How many concurrent connections does the special offer version allow?

it says: CubeSQL Unlimited Connections

@Paul Finer this special offer is for the Unlimited Connections edition.

Sorry, I missed that bit. Thanks.

The new SDK is already added here, so MBS Xojo SQL Plugin should do CubeSQL better in future.

Btw the page at keeps jumping up and down as the text changes which is incredibly annoying, makes it difficult to read and results in a rather unprofessional impression. I would strongly suggest changing that.

and both the SQL products are multiplatform. It is a great deal for the 3 products.