CubeSQL plugin 64bit?

I tried twice to contact Marco Bambini and asked whether a 64bit CubeSQL plugin for Xojo will be available. I have not heard anything.

Does anybody else know more about it?

I have not heard but haven’t asked either.

I just sent Marco a message yesterday, but have not heard back yet…

I sent him a message last week, no reply yet.

He tell me on a mail at end of august that he take a look on september… no more news after that. :frowning:

i have ask a few times by email and he reply back in august that he look at it in September… since then, ask a few more time and not reply

Hello guys, cubeSQL plugin 64bit version will be available next week.

wonderful… Marco

good news Marco :slight_smile:

Hello guys,
as promised the new 64bit cubeSQL is available.
I also rebuild cubeSQL Admin application for all platforms (32 and 64bit versions).

Quick link for the plugin:

More details on:

hi marco,

got the files… i assume the plugin can be used to generate both 32bit and 64bit application?

Great :slight_smile:

Thanks Marco.

Yes Richard right, plugin contains both 32bit and 64bit code.

just put the cubesql plugin in the plugins folder and set it to 64bit and generate the app. work right away…