cubeSQL on XojoCloud

I currently have some web apps running on Xojo Cloud using SQLite. I tested my app with the developer version of cubeSQL and I just purchased a valid cubeSQL license from SQLabs. I would like to find out the necessary steps to get cubeSQL up and running on Xojo Cloud. I know I have to open up the correct firewall port. Do I download the Linux version of cubeSQL and SQL admin? If so, what is the process for getting them installed on the Cloud? I am simply looking for the best practices that others have used to get cubeSQL up and running on Xojo Cloud and I would appreciate all the help I can get.
Thank you, Alan Brunt

Assuming that “Xojo Could” runs on a Linux, Intel 64bit Server - then yes: You’d install this server version on the machine.

“cubeSQL Admin” you don’t necessarily need to install on the server itself. You can run this application on your computer and just connect to the server.

Sorry that I can’t answer that, as I don’t have “Xojo Cloud”.

Assuming you can SSH to the “Xojo Cloud” machine, you certainly could install the server.
And via a SSH Tunnel you could run “cubeSQL Admin” locally on your machine, and connect from your machine via SSH tunnel to cubeSQL (so that you don’t need to open the database server port to the public!).

And hopefully soon I’ll tell you a 3rd way - as soon as my upcoming Blog Post is available.

Meanwhile I hope that someone using “Xojo Cloud” can tell you more about how to install and use additional services on these systems.


Thanks for your response, Jurg, that makes total sense. I guess I will have to stay tuned and see what happens.