CubeSQL - File API

I’m considered using this database for a project later in the year and I’m just looking at the documents here on the train…

I see there is a robust api for uploading and managing files, but no indication of the folder where they are stored. It mentions a folder, but no name…

What is the purpose of this API? I thought there might be a way of importing the data from them, but it seems not. I see you can schedule an external process to run that could consume them, but then I’m back to my first question - where are the files stored?

While I’m at it, I see there is very little activity on their website and I have not received one of their $99 offers in a long time. Is this product under active development and support?

You can contact Marco Bambini directly, although he is focused on his new product (, they do maintain and support cubesql. Best is to ask him directly. You find him also on Facebook and Twitter

where did you see the api, james??

Command reference document see page 119.

i have been using CubeSQL for years and years and never notice that

I have paid for MBS to add features to the latest SQLDatabaseMBS which can now access CubeSQL. The main feature was to create new folders on the server in which to place files uploaded via the database ie if you can’t get Marco to add a feature, maybe MBS can.

The main folder is set in the Preferences: SHOW PREFERENCES and you’ll see the current value for UPLOAD_PATH.
As far as I remember: If you’re connected to a Database (e.g. “MyDB1”), uploading files will go in a subfolder with that name (e.g. “MyDB1”), otherwise in a subfolder called “nodatabase”.

Uploading/Downloading files to the database server. But without needing to store it within the .SQLite database file.