CUBESQL encrypt decrypt functionality

Hey everybody… can anybody who has some experience with CubeSQL help me ?

I can create an encrypted DB… I can later decrypt that DB… but once it is decypted I can not get it to encrypt again…

When I execute… MyDB.SQLExecute(“ENCRYPT DATABASE MyFile.sqlite WITH KEY ‘MyKey’”) I get a Database error 0 (not an error), and nothing changes…

What’s going on here ?


I’m not terribly familiar with CubeSql, but I do recall that their server log files were very good. Have you checked them?

Oh! you are right… but then I see this message… "The database named ‘MyFile.sqlite’ is in use by another client (or by current connection and cannot be re-keyed.

No one else is connected… would this be a bug ?

fixed it… I needed to UNSET CURRENT DATABASE; before proceeding with the Encrypt command…

Thanks James!