cubeSQL AutoCommit

Soon after placing a sqlite file in a cubeSQL folder, I noticed I was getting a locked sqlite file often. After reading the cubeSQL manual, it looked like the problem was that, though I have explicit commits for transactions, I don’t have explicit commits for writes that are not within transactions (simple single-record writes). I had been relying on the fact that, according to Xojo docs, sqlite by default immediately commits all writes not within transactions. Well, the cubeSQL manual says all writes need to be explicit because Auto Transaction is on by default, and that I can turn off Auto Transaction by turning on AutoCommit. I am assuming turning on AutoCommit returns sqlite behavior to its default (immediate commits of all writes unless they are within a transaction). Is that the essence of using AutoCommit?

And is the essence of saying that cubeSQL has Auto Transaction on by default, that it assumes all writes are part of transactions (and thus expects explicit commits)?

In any event, turning on AutoCommit stopped the database file from locking.

Eventually got a reply back from Marco (cubeSQL developer). Yes, DB.AutoCommit returns the SQLite file to its normal auto commit behavior.